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A couple things about Orcs

A couple of things you guys should be considering ahead of time

You are going to have a day in Highhelm to gather extra supplies. You don’t have much money but you might be able to arrange something with the Church of Torag for funding (they are funding everything else, after all). You might want to formulate a plan ahead of time and supply yourself for it.

The Captain shows you that you are going to be disembarking in badlands/plains in the dead of winter – Lake moisture and winds will make blizzard conditions; Staying warm won’t be a problem with the boots, but there are other issues with blizzard conditions.

Orcs are tough. They are NOT the AD&D “Six hit points of damage and they are dead” kind. Pathfinder Orcs have the ferocity trait– which means they keep fighting until they are at negative their Constitution in damage. So a 6 hp Orc with 14 Con will require 20 hp damage to stop him from swinging… or you can do seven points, run away, and hope he bleeds to death (and that there are no healers around).

Due to Natural Selection, there are more Orcs with Character Levels than there are Orcs with a meager 6 hp in a band. The default Character you should expect is Barbarian.

The good news is:
Orcs suffer from light sensitivity (so expect them to wander outside in blizzard conditions only at night)



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