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A few notes on goats

A few notes:

The cost we paid for goats was 10 sp per goat… multiplied by 400 goats is 40 gp, not 4. Make corrections to the tally sheet if you need to

We need to set up a grain supply for Tatzlford for planting — 4 gp per family. We may want to provide goats as well, if they are not already sold out — 20 sp per family (two goats). They can feed themselves but they lack starter grain for planting. Oleg will take care of his own people… at the expense of rebuilding his tavern — Patience OLEG!

The cost for supplying food for the winter for families is a donation by the government that will be recompensed by upcoming taxes, but supplying planting grain is a loan. Payback of the loan should be 5 gp, but should not be collected upon for a couple of years (Clandestiny says at least three harvests). Grain can be sold to the Dwarves for cash if we can get a good dock set up in Fort Tuskwater (the dwarves are planning one now). Tatzlford can sell to the dwarves as well if we get a pier with riverboats made for them to ship food downstream. Farmers at Oleg’s will need to have the road built.

The farmers can use the money selling grain to buy sheep and cattle and vegetable seeds (if they so choose) from the markets in Nivakla’s crossing (again only if the road is built). An envoy should be sent to Nivakla’s Crossing to let those who operate the stockyards know that there will be high demand for cattle, sheep, chicken, and pigs but also warn them against gouging prices at the expense of our villagers — will require some diplomacy!

In the meantime, during the plowing (which will happen SOON), planting, and harvest, we are going to need to find carpenters and blacksmiths who would be willing to work for credit — until the sale of the harvest. It may be that suitable blacksmiths and carpenters already exist amidst the farming families, but we will need to enforce a set of rules amongst them solidifying the rules of credit.



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