Kingmaker International

Showered with Dwarven gifts

The Dwarves have you return the Boots, White Cloaks, and Snow Goggles. It is requisitioned Snow Gear for the Church of Torag.

The citizens of the dwarven town of Kovlar (which is about 4,400 dwarves) shower you with gifts (of a dwarven nature) – no family in the city desires to be left out. Cumulative with what has been accumulated already at the Temple of Torag as supplication to the Dishonorable way that Surya was treated, the following is provided

7000 lbs of cured meats and sausages (homemade, vary in quality from good to excellent)
45 kegs of ale (home brews, vary in quality from very good to outstanding)
36 large 30 lb blocks of cheese (homemade, vary in quality from good to excellent)
6 Eight pound jars of honey
Twenty Gallons of Maple Syrup
3 fifty pound bags of Wilken’s homemade waffle batter (just add goat’s milk and egg!)
A finely crafted waffle iron
15 hand made down quilts
24 dyed linen sheets
22 Excellent Quality, coarsely knitted wool blankets
4 sets of Leather gear for each party member (6 for Surya) – mostly styled in a “workman’s” nature
2 pair of fine leather shoes (8 for Surya) and four pair of boots for each party member
3 belts (one extra wide) for each party member
8 sets of linen clothes (24 for Surya) for each party member
6 wool sweaters for each party member
7 wool flanel shirts for each party member (all with different clan tartans)
7 wool kilts for each party member (skirts for Surya – all with different clan tartans)
6 stout crafted wooden chests with locks
24 scented candles (beeswax with varying scents)
(anything else that might come to mind?)

These are gifts from families. You are also approached by the professional master craftsman who ask you if there is any way that they could honor you with their skills – Requests?



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