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So now what

It’s September, and you will soon have 200 families in covered wagons from Brevoy marching to wherever you set up as your capitol.
Winter in the Stolen Lands is like winter in New York — shitty.

I am assuming that you are going to set up at the old Stag Lord fort. Colonists are going to need to build homes prior to winter setting in or they will die. Fortunately, the Kamelands have plenty of rock and clay to build rock cabins for everyone. Unfortunately, they also need wood to frame their thatched roofs, which is not so common. Wood would ALSO help from keeping people from freezing to death and cooking food. Sooner or later you’re going to need to recruit some loggers.

And how about that food? The colonists will have enough provisions for 2 months… and then they got the munchies. Being September, there’s not much in the way of crops in the field and no way to grow any in September. If they make it through the winter, they will need food still for another 9 months as well as grain to plant their fields. Most of the farmers have either oxen or horses to pull their wagons… and maybe a goat and some chickens… but not really enough livestock to start a colony. Planting grain will be expensive for 200 families trying to plant 40 acres each.

On the positive side the Stag’s fort is alongside a VERY productive fishing lake. Should you put in a small dock you may attract some permanent fishing villagers.

And then there is the road you want from Oleg’s to Stag’s. Clandestiny gives you an accurate estimate that a 20 man crew paving with stones picked up in the Kamelands can make a road 8 feet wide (ie wide enough for one wagon) at the rate of 200 feet per day. Clandestiny or anybody else with KS Engineering can manage a maximum of four crews at a time. Paving crews can be hired in Rostland in Brevoy. Surveying a path for the pavers to follow will not be a problem if George simply takes the best path from Oleg’s to Stag’s leading the wagon train of Colonists — their wagon wheels will carve a pioneer path. A 20 man crew will cost 40 silver per day (1 silver per man, 10 silver to feed and supply, additional 10 silver for supervisors). It is 60 miles from Oleg’s to Stag’s. It will take ONE 20 man crew 1600 days of paving to get finish the road, which will cost 64,000 silver (640 gold… or about 6.4 million copper!). Four twenty man crews will cost the same but it will only take 400 days (a year +). Any more than four crews and you will need another Engineer watching full time, which will cost somewhere between 50 sp to 1 gp per day.

And then of course there are the mines… Silver, Gold, and nobody to mine them.

Throw on top of that you have no blacksmiths, no carpenters, and nobody else who does anything for a living.

The good news? You have about 5 ex-bandits who would be more than happy to serve as Men-at-arms for you. However, once things start rolling they will insist on a paycheck.

Also good news is that once the road is in you will have the best direct trade route from the sea into Brevoy. You will be a shipping power in the River Kingdoms (since you are exempt from River Kingdom’s travel “taxes”). You will gain gold and silver on a daily basis from your mines. You will be able to collect grain as taxes and either sell it or stockpile it for future colonists (they can pay the fees for your grain with Bank Loans — YOUR bank!) Specialists like blacksmiths, carpenters, merchants, and artisans will flock to your city once they learn that it is safe and there is money to be made. The long and the short of it is that once things are up and running it will become MUCH easier to grow…

Until someone decides that they want to build something out of stone (like a castle or a temple)… then you got new problems!



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