Kingmaker International

While you were sitting around the fire...

While sitting around the fire with the other characters and their alts, Clandestiny comes up with a few ideas (aka adventure seeds) for the year to come.

Travel south to the Dwarves of the Five Kings Mountains (Ox’s homeland) and see if we can’t recruit some dwarven mining guild to come and mine for us.

Travel even further South to Qadira and see if we can’t get Surya to patch up things with her merchant father and perhaps establish a Qadira/Brevoy trade route. Perhaps the Qadiraan church of Saranrae might consider financing a religious outpost, like a monestary or a temple, in Tuskwater Keep.

Travel Northwest to the battle lines of Mendev and see if Kelthak can’t make arrangements with the Crusader leadership to offer war-weary crusaders a place where they can settle down and retire from the rigors of constant warfare (unless we need them to take up arms to defend the country, of course).

Chart the waters of the Shrike River from Tuskwater lake, and see if we can’t establish a water route to Fort Serenko, Nivakta’s Crossing, and Restov.

Visit the other River Kingdoms: Daggermark, Gralton, Lambreth, Mivon, Pitax, the Protectorate of the Black Marquis, Sevenarches, Tymon, and Uringen. Announce our founding nation to the Outlaw Council, and declare our allegience to the River Kingdoms six laws, and independence from Brevoy.

Visit nearby capitol cities and advertise the availability of free land for settling farmers. Numeria and Ustalev are too dangerous to recruit from (we wouldn’t want to attract the wrong kind of people: Numeria = barbarians; Ustalev = gothic horrors). Galt to the Southeast has plenty of people looking for an alternative life, but we would be under constant threat of arrest and beheading. A longer journey would be better, opening up a possible migration from citizens of Andoran, Taldan, and even devil weary Chelaxians. The capitols of Molthune, Druma, Nirmanthas, and Lastwall can be accessed by braving the waves of Lake Encarthan.

The nations of Ustalev, Numeria, Galt, Nirmanthas and Lastwall ALL suffer from hunger (due to either war, oppression, or supernatural causes). Perhaps we can set up trade relations with these places once the grain starts flowing INTO our silos.

Rumors have it that in the mountains of Iobaria, east of Restov, there resides a breed of tamable dragon, much like a wyvern but less intelligent. Stories say that they had once been domesticated.

There are centaurs on our eastern boundary. Perhaps they could be allies?

We need to find stone for building (limestone or granite… the GOOD STUFF!) and iron ore. We should check out the mountains to the east and see what we find.



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