Rules for Crafting

As you all know I don’t like the way money is used in the game. Money, however, is intrinsically linked to the way items are crafted, which is just silly to me. The richest people in the world therefore should be those people who cater to the needs of adventurers. It’s unbalanced and I don’t like it…


The new system of crafting will be very, very simple and based on solely on spell components and the crafting skill rolls.
The rules will be simple — any spell item will require a number of components based on the level of the spell. These components will be determined by research. For example, if you wanted to make a Wand or a potion of Cure Light Wounds, you would need one component (like a potent holy water and trolls blood) since it is a level one spell. If you wanted to make a wand of fireballs you would need three components (a wand made of wood from a tree that survived ten years after a forest fire, the ash of a fire elemental, the spell components for the fireball spell).

We will use the time scales and the skill roll requirements that the rulebook suggests. The only difference will be with potions, which can be mass produced — if you have enough components for a huge batch, then you can make a whole huge batch at once (it may take extra spell castings, but it can be done!)

For magic armor and weapons; special abilities require components based upon the spell required and plusses must follow the following
+1 Masterwork item
+2 Masterwork item + enchanted hammer or forge
+3 Masterwork item + Quality Enchanted Hammer + Quality Enchanted Forge
+4 Masterwork item + Quality Enchanted Hammer + Quality Enchanted Forge + Purest of Special Materials (cold iron, mithril, etc.)
+5 All of the above + a WILDCARD! (whatever that may be… needless to say the final product will be a career capping creation)

Also, the Advanced Rulebook has a feat for “Cooperative Crafting.” As far as I am concerned anyone can do that WITHOUT having the feat, but based upon the cooperative skill rules. This would allow wizards to assist anyone else in crafting by casting the necessary spells for the item creation. The one exception is that a cooperative crafter can substitute Spellcraft to add the +2 bonus for whatever crafting skill the main item creator is using (ie. Assistant rolls against Spellcraft to give the Master a +2 bonus in Alchemy or Craft Weapons or whatever — and also supplies the fire spells for the “flaming” ability of the weapon being created). Regular Craftsman can not assist in the making of magic items, but other Master Craftsmen can assist Master Craftsmen (but no more than would normally assist a craftsman at work).

How people get the materials or research the methods necessary for the crafting of an item is up to the character and the GM.

Rules for Crafting

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